I am a self-taught stained glass artist, who lived in Southeast Alaska, surrounded by the Tongass Rainforest for over twenty years.   I co-owned and operated a commercial salmon troller/halibut longliner and lived a remote island lifestyle. This lifestyle inspired a deep appreciation and love for raw wilderness, the sea, and the natural beauty of the land.

While incorporating natural and found objects into my work, I interpret the images and textures of the ecosystem with the use of light, color and form. I don’t attempt to duplicate a landscape; rather I try to convey how I felt within that particular landscape. The exhilaration of motion, or serene solitude… a respite.
In 2001 I moved to Vermont, joined the Vermont Crafts Council and participated in their annual Open Studio event. My glasswork was shown at Carr's Florist and Gifts in Brandon, VT., Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA., and  Sawmill River Arts gallery in Montague, MA.

Since moving to Boise in 2021, the beauty of Idaho has inspired my creativity. 

My art shed is open and window shopping is encouraged.

Please call to visit.      
Enjoy!            ~Laura Rideout